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Ayurveda Training / May 28, 2017

Wise Earth Ayurveda – The Path of Sadhana

Wise Earth Ayurveda is the oldest known holistic life ways and medicine paradigm in the world. Its principles are deeply rooted in nature’s intelligence and therefore in the integration of body, mind and spirit. Wise Earth Ayurveda is informed by the Greater Vedas. This unique education is non-clinical and non-dualistic in nature unlike the modern models of Ayurveda which approach is largely clinical and prescriptive. Wise Earth Ayurveda education teaches us to mine our own extraordinary resource of inner medicine by living everyday in sadhana, preserving inner harmony and world peace. Wise Earth School is one of the only known schools in the world that is recognized for restoring the sadhana tradition of Ayurveda (based in the Atharva Veda) that has been out of practice since the beginning of India’s medieval age (10th century, A.D.).

Wise Earth Ayurveda-Unique Programs

Wise Earth Ayurveda presents a unique methodology in Ayurveda sadhana practices. The ancient and timeless practice of Food, Breath, and Sound; Ayurvedic Health Care for Women; and the Pancha Karma Sadhanas- are a few of Wise Earth Ayurveda’s vast plethora of programs that we offer to the Wise Earth Ayurveda instructor/practitioner in training. Wise Earth Ayurveda has been unearthing and restoring many long-lost practices of Ayurveda. Amongst them are the Lunar Shakti practices such as Uttara Vasti for women’s wellness. Wise Earth Ayurveda has also meticulously restored the Bhumi Vidya – the Earth Therapies which had been defunct in Ayurveda for more than 300 years: For example, Bhu Sveda – a therapy performed on the daubed surface of the earth or in pits dug into the earth are among the many healing arts that have been re-invoked into new life by Maya Tiwari. Among the three levels of programming offered through the Wise Earth School are Ayurveda Nutrition- Food, Breath & Sound; Women’s Health & Spirituality; Ayurveda Diagnosis; Pancha Karma (three levels); Shakti-Medicine – Women’s Anatomy, Health & Spirituality; Inner Medicine- Sadhana Approach to Diagnosis; Physio-Psychic anatomy & Energy Diagnosis. In addition, Wise Earth Ayurveda’s peripheral programs include Vedic Sanskrit Chanting, Living Ahimsa Meditation, Vastu Vidya, Vedic Gardening, Healing Passes Yoga– a therapeutic form of Yoga practiced with Wise Earth’s unique methodology of linking movement, breath and sound in a series of micro-movement that aligns our breath with lunar and solar rhythms.

Source: wiseearth.com