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Products / July 31, 2017

Planet Ayurveda is a leading Natural Supplement manufacturing company based in Chandigarh, India. The company is involved in the manufacturing of best herbal products which are exported all over the world. Our natural supplements are prepared using best quality herbs and natural formulations which are inspired by the principles of Ayurveda.

These natural supplements are a type of dietary supplements that contain natural herbs and possess potential therapeutic properties. Many herbs have a long history of use and numerous health benefits. The founder and CEO of the company, Dr.Vikram Chauhan, MD (Ayurveda) is involved in promoting the knowledge of Ayurveda and intends to provide best and high quality natural supplements for the global market.

With the growing rise in the demand for natural supplements and natural plant based products, it is becoming difficult for the common population to choose which would be the right supplement for them. Planet Ayurveda is a trusted name in this field having a range of more than 100 dietary supplements which are not only 100% natural but also equally effective. Prepared with high hygienic standards and careful hand picking of the choicest herbs, Planet Ayurveda's products are effective and absolutely safe for people of all ages young and old.

Though we have progressed in all spheres of health on a global level, the down sides still exist. Newer forms of diseases which are largely a result of our erratic lifestyle are on the rise. The developed world has its own set of diseases common to them, while the developing, third world countries have their own health issues. In the midst of all this, modern health facilities though effective and mainstream, are not always the safest option when it comes to the maintenance of a healthy livelihood for a long time. Costly procedures, frequent visits to the medical centers are not only financially challenging but also seldom add value to the betterment of health.

Many a times it is not just the medicines that the body needs to maintain itself. You may not be suffering from a disease at all and still not feeling healthy at the same time. What is it? What is missing?

Irrational consumption of packaged and processed foods has largely replaced natural dietary nutrients and not many of us realize that too often. This is combined with the miniscule amount of attention that we pay to our health in deciding what is right and wrong for us. The concept of natural supplements has been introduced to meet the dietary deficiency of nutrients which are quintessential for our heath, the lack of which is eating up our bodies in numerous ways.

All this has raised questions on the need for us to rethink where we are going wrong in looking after our health, after all, "health is wealth".

The growing interest of people in alternative therapies and natural way of living is proof enough that proper steps need to be taken in the way life has to be lived in order to maintain a healthy livelihood.

Realizing the importance to adapt a natural way of living, Planet Ayurveda has formulated its products keeping in mind the health concerns of people all over the world and their expectations from a product that can supplement their diet in a natural way.

At Planet Ayurveda, our products are manufactured keeping in mind international standards and demand. All our products are prepared and packaged under strict safety procedures which undergo repeated underground check before dispatch. Especially, the capsule formulations are purely vegetarian packed in 100 % vegetarian capsules with no gelatin used.

Planet Ayurveda's products are the safest option when you feel the need to add a nutritional high to your daily routine. You can always depend on them for any kind of assistance to maintain and support health.