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Ayurveda Training / August 17, 2016

doctors imageDr. Jayakumar R, B.A.M.S., M.D. (Ay), is Consultant Physician, FERTILITY & REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE, at AyurVAID Hospital, Ernakulam.

An Ayurveda Infertility specialist with more than 12 years experience, Dr. Jayakumar completed his M.D. in Roga Nidana from Government Ayurveda College, Kannur, after graduating from SDM Ayurveda College, Hassan

Dr. Jayakumar completed his research and thesis in the area of fertility and reproductive medicine under the guidance of eminent Allopathy practitioner Dr.Sathi.M.Pillai, (SAMAD IVF Hospitals, Trivandrum, Attingal, Kollam & Cochin) and under several distinguished Ayurveda practitioners. He has treated more than 80 couples and obtained excellent results. He is skilled in doing the unique ayurvedic procedure ‘Utharavasthi’ which is one of the key procedures in this specific Ayurveda specialty. Dr. Jayakumar has in a short time span established himself as a confident flag bearer for the science of Ayurveda in effective treatment of this most fundamental of human needs.

Dr. Jayakumar focuses on treating the male and female partners jointly, in holistic fashion, to address the underlying causes for:

MALE SUB-FERTILITY: • Oligospermia • Asthenospermia • High seminal viscosity / increased liquefaction time. • OAT due to systemic disorders like Diabetes mellitus and thyroid dysfunction. • Oligospermia secondary to varicocele • Oligo-asthenospermia secondary to smoking and alcoholism. • pH related sub-fertility – hyperalkaline or hyperacidic. • Sub-fertility secondary to infections like rubeola. • Pyospermia • Azoospermia due to obstructions

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: • Psychogenic ED • Neurogenic ED • Vascular ED • Hormonal ED • Diabetic ED • Premature ejaculation • Night emission • Retrograde ejaculation secondary to clinical conditions like BPH.