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Ayurveda Training / August 8, 2013

Govt. Ayurvedic College Paprola is situated in private Ayurvedic College by name HIM AYURVEDIC COLLEGE PAPROLA on . Him Ayurvedic College Paprola was taken over by the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh on 3.3.1978. After taken over, the college was renamed Govt. Ayurvedic college. The college has again been renamed as Rajiv Gandhi Govt. Ayurvedic College Paprola by the H.P.Govt. since August 1966. The college is recognised by the Central Council of Indian Medicine Delhi and affiliated with H.P.University, Shimla.

The college is conducting the Ayurvedachayra - BAMS (Bachelar of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery). The course is of 5 ½ years duration including one year compulsory internship. The minimum qualification for BAMS is +2 (Med. With minimum 50% marks).

The college has been upgraded to PG institution in 1998 with the annual intake of six students (three within state and three out of state) for M.D. (AY) Kayachikitsa course.

From this session 1999-2000, the M.D.(AY) classes in the subject of Shalya Tantra and Shalakya Tandra will be introduced with intake of four students in each specility subject to the approval of CCIM and H.P.University Shimla.

BAMS Course: Duration: 5 ½ year degree course including one year compulsory internship training.

Class Subject

BAMS I Prof. 1. Sanskrit 2. Sharir Kriya 3. Sharit Rachna 4. Ashtang Sangreh 5.Padarth Vigyan 6. History of Ayurveda.

BAMS II Prof. 1. Rog Nidhan 2. Dravyaguna 3. Rasshasrta & Baishiya Kalona 4. Charak

BAMS III Prof. 1. Kaumarbharitya 2. Shalya Tantra 3. Charak 4. Shalakya Tantra 5. Prasuti Tantra 6. Kayachikitsa

M.D.(AY) Duration:- Three Years PG Course