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Ayurveda Training / April 19, 2016

Ayurmana Centre for Advanced Healing is perched atop the eternally serene and peaceful hillock of Dharmagiri, overlooking green topped highlands. As you enter dharmagiri, it steals you away into a whole new world of ethnic charm. Sprawling across 2 acres of scenic hill country, the bird songs and lush garden landscape with all the ethnic fruit and vegetable foliage in quiet coexistence with flowering plants provide the perfect environment for the unique experience of healing on offer, at this finest Ayurveda Hospital in India.

As the dawn breaks in the countryside, the rising sun, the chirping birds and the morning breeze will awaken your senses, mind and body, attuning your biorhythm with that of Mother Nature. You will perhaps start your day with the practise of Yoga which will further refresh and rejuvenate you and enhance the harmony within, helping channelize the healing powers of nature to flow through you, to achieve healing and well being.

At Dharmagiri, you can get away, forget the world and let the therapeutic powers of the most admired and valued Kerala Ayurveda treatment in India restore your whole being – body, mind and soul.

After the healing treatments and yoga routines, the activity most loved by guests at Dharmagiri is to lazily relax, in its remarkable atmosphere of peace and calm. Interestingly, locals in this part believe, the mount of Dharmagiri to be a sacred hill with healing powers. The folklore is that this hillock used to be a meditation spot of many spiritual masters and saints and that just being at the hilltop heals you.

We invite you to Dharmagiri, to explore and experience for yourself, the profound healing and mystical allure of our treatments that unravel the secrets of the most revered, timeless healing tradition known to man.

Source: www.ayurmana.in