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Ayurveda Distance Learning

Ayurveda Training / March 9, 2017

At CCA we recognize that not everyone has the ability to put their life on hold, pick up the family, and move to California. This is especially true for international students. With our Distance Learning Program, those limitations no longer have to hold you back from fulfilling your dreams of becoming an Ayurvedic Health Educator or Ayurvedic Health Practitioner.

What makes our Distance Learning Program the Gold Standard in Ayurvedic Education?

  • One of the reasons the CCA’s Distance Learning program is so successful is that it is a highly structured program. This is not a loosely-administered, open-ended program that students may or may not complete. Completion rates are very high because the CCA maintains the highest standards of education for this program. Students in the Distance Learning program are held to the same standards as students in the classroom, and will merge with our classroom students during the internship program.

• Monthly conferences with your own personal instructor to keep you motivated, connected, and on target to reach your goals.
• The CCA Distance Learning Program combines the best of home schooling, mentorship, and classroom education.
• Limited space in the program ensures a premium education strengthening your confidence and ability to succeed while enriching your life of healing others.
• Monthly start dates let you control your schedule and enjoy a program that fits your life.
• Certificate presentation at each level of completion lets the world know you are an expert in your field.
•Full graduation ceremony for Level 2 graduates shares your accomplishments with friends and family recognizing your success.

We invite you to join us and become a certified Ayurvedic Health Educator or Practitioner in the comfort of your home.