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Adenoids Treatment in Ayurveda

Treatment / April 7, 2017


Prevent Adenoid Removal! Stop Adenoids From Growing! Avoid Adenoidectomy Naturally!

Buteyko® Breathing Normalization method, which follows the physiological logic of the body and helps children improve their overall health, was developed in Russia by K. P. Buteyko MD, and A. E. Novozhilov, MD. In the thirty years it has been in existence, the method has helped thousands of children avoid adenoid removal surgeries naturally by improving their respiratory health. Since 2009, it has been exclusively available through Breathing Center in the USA and around the world. Our Adenoid Without Surgery program contains two major elements: a change in lifestyle and breathing exercises.


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Cause of enlarged adenoids: adenoidectomy can be prevented or avoided.

Sasha: As a rule, children who have enlarged adenoids are plagued by colds, and their noses run constantly. In addition, they have periodic earaches. Sometimes, enlarged adenoids can lead to asthma. Is it really possible to alleviate these problems in children by removing the adenoids?

Doctor Novozhilov: No, of course not. Surgical removal of the adenoids often improves a child's condition, but only in the beginning, sometimes for only a few weeks, after which the child begins to get sick again. Furthermore, it often turns out that the adenoids start to grow back after surgery. In one of our young patients, the adenoids were removed four times, and each time they came back again.

Sasha: Then why do physicians recommend adenoid removal? They must be aware of the limited effectiveness of this operation.

Doctor Novozhilov: Physicians certainly know that an adenoidectomy is not a panacea. However, in many cases, by temporarily improving a child's condition, it postpones the development of more serious illnesses. Aside from that, the physicians cannot offer anything. What else can be done to restore proper nasal breathing in a child? After all, the disruption of nasal breathing, ongoing nasal congestion, and the transition to breathing through the mouth are the very things that constitute the root of all evil in this instance.Removal of Adenoids can be avoided or prevented naturally Steroids? Yes, they are able to eliminate the swelling of nasal mucus membranes, as well as restore one’s ability to breathe through the nose, and this frequently proves to be a stepping-stone to a child's successful treatment. However, placing a child on hormones isn’t the best idea. For this reason, physicians say: "It's better if we cut out the adenoids, especially since they might become inflamed."

Sasha: Is the cause of adenoid growth known?

Doctor Novozhilov: Mainstream medicine does not know the reason that adenoids grow, but in this regard, Professor Buteyko felt that adenoid growth is a defense mechanism of the body that is brought on by the disruption of the respiratory function. Have you ever noticed how a child with enlarged adenoids breathes? Usually, breathing in such a child is noisy, deep and through the mouth. This excessive respiration, or in other words "hyperventilation, " is capable of inflicting tremendous damage to a child's body, since it causes oxygen starvation (the Verigo-Bohr effect), disrupts metabolism and impairs immunity. A child's body needs to protect itself against hyperventilation.Stop Mouth Breathing To Avoid Adenoid Removal It does this by blocking the respiratory canals by way of adenoid enlargement and the edema of the mucus membrane; that is to say, a chronic stuffy nose is unavoidable. When respiratory canals are constricted, the amount of air that a child exchanges in the lungs is reduced and, accordingly, the child’s body does not sustain a high level of damage.

Sasha: Which is to say that the cause of adenoid growth is hyperventilation. But can removing the adenoids actually halt hyperventilation?

Doctor Novozhilov: No, never. That is why Professor Buteyko called adenoid removal surgery a crime against children. I also believe that, in most cases, the adenoids are removed in vain. Enlarged adenoids are nothing more than the body’s defense mechanism against hyperventilation, and eliminating this defense reaction entails the development of more serious health problems. Other problems that also constitute a defense reaction frequently accompany enlarged adenoids—for example, a stuffy nose, a cough and so forth. If the adenoids are removed, hyperventilation persists; thus, these symptoms not only remain, but sometimes even intensify, since they have to take on the function previously performed by the adenoids. Removing the adenoids often leads to more serious defense reactions—for example, the child begins to experience bronchial spasms, which can ultimately lead to the development of asthma.

Sasha: There is a prevailing belief that it is difficult for a child to breathe because his adenoids are enlarged, and that if they are cut out, it will then become easier for the child to breathe. But listening to you, it appears that exactly the opposite is true; it may be that it becomes even more difficult for the child to breathe after the adenoids are removed.

Doctor Novozhilov: Yes, that is frequently what happens. In other cases, prolonged hyperventilation leads to a serious lowering of immunity and development of more serious illnesses.