Virechana Panchakarma: An Ayurvedic Detox For Pitta Dosha

Virechana Treatment in Ayurveda

Treatment / September 4, 2017

Ayurveda, the sacred science of health and wellness in life, focuses on the acceptance of a number of pre-emptive and curative therapies, purifying and rejuvenating the body, soul and mind. One of the five pillars of Panchakarma it aims at enhancing the longevity of people belonging to all ages.

The Treatment

This form of therapy is basically termed as medicated purgation therapy, cleaning the Pitta & sanctifies the blood, by eliminating all the toxins from the body. The healing focuses on the toxins accumulated within the parts of liver & gall bladder. The Virachana therapy plays a decisive role in the purification of gastro-intestinal tract. This cure is generally administered for 3 days after the conclusion of Vamana treatment, but its period may diverge from one case to another.

Method of Virechana

While executing the Virechana karam, the doshas that are vitiated are removed from the body via the rectum. The purgation therapy is accomplished via the application of drugs. The patient is undergone via Oleation first, thereafter Fomentation, subsequent to which is Emisis & Samsarjana Karma. The entire process of internal Oleation takes 3-7 days. Afterward, a medicated steam bath is carried out for the next 3 days. A warm and light diet is advised to the patient during the entire course.

The application of therapeutic herbs

The purpose of this therapy is also concerned with the sanctification of the sweat glands, colon, small intestine, kidneys, spleen, liver and stomach. A good number of herbs are applied for the course of treatment, as they serve as laxative. Few of them are senna, bran, prune, dandelion root, flaxseed husk, & psyllium seed. Cow's milk, castor oil, salt, mango juice and raisins are also included to attain a better course of treatment.

It is a remedial measure to the following health problems

It is a best measure to the treatment of skin diseases, gastrointestinal problems, chronic fever, abdominal tumors, piles, worms, jaundice, gout, constipation & irritable bowel syndrome.