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Ayurveda Training / May 2, 2014

"There are so many gifts that I received from working with Brittany as my Ayurvedic Counselor. She has an amazing ability to see people and was able to help me express exactly what I was feeling but had no idea how to articulate. From the big life themes to the slight yet profound adjustments to the way I live my life, I am feeling more vibrant and healthy than ever! I feel blessed to have worked with Brittany and strongly recommend her."
- Audrey J. San Francisco Ca.

"In just a few sessions, Brittany helped me feel healthier, calmer, and more alive. She has the warmest heart and spirit of anyone you'll ever meet plus she gives you helpful information so you get the results that you want. She really listened to my needs and helped me create changes that worked for me and continue to work for me to this day. Throughout all of our sessions, I felt very taken care of and listened to!"

Source: www.dailyayurveda.com