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Sri Lanka Ayurveda Treatment

Treatment / November 27, 2013

The UTMT offers also an individual Ayurveda Panchakarma Program. The aim of this unique cleansing and detoxing treatment is the dispersion of negative mala and ama, which bloc the cells and are the cause to many diseases and lack of energy.

The basis for a tailored Panchakarma treatment is the unique constitution of your personal doshas The three doshas represent the life energy, manifested during procreation. The aim is to keep your doshas in balance for a healthy and long life.

At the beginning of a Panchakarma treatment our professional doctors will create an individual program according to your symptoms and needs, which includes the various massages and baths as well as a special diet.

The program includes multiple massages, herbal medicines and medical enemas to discharge Mala and Ama from the body. Different Baths complete this process to bring the body into harmony. Yoga exercises are carried out and to broaden your spiritual horizon there is room for relaxing meditation.

Source: www.utmthotel.com