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Jiva Health

Ayurveda Training / November 11, 2015

Healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to population health management (PHM) to help meet strict mandates to improve care quality, lower costs, and increase patient satisfaction. But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. PHM programs are as diverse as the organizations that deploy them. And the scalable, flexible Jiva™ platform is innovatively designed – and proven – to support any of them. It is a modular and extensible solution that will enable you to efficiently and affordably meet today’s challenges with the tools and resources to face tomorrow’s as well.

What you get with Jiva:

  • The ability to manage multiple lines of business seamlessly on one platform
  • Out-of-the-box content and configurations for rapid deployments that take weeks, not years
  • An NCQA-certified platform that not only assures you of the quality you are getting but will help reduce your accreditation efforts
  • A proven system that has generated improvements in care quality, cost, and patient satisfaction and real, measurable results:
  • $6.5 million annual savings
  • $3.7 million administrative cost savings
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