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Ayurvedic Medicine Seattle

Ayurvedic Medicine / January 15, 2018

1333 N North Lake Way
Ste G
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 799-0718

Took an amazing Chakra and Kosha cleaning class from Nickole Gonzeles that included a Chakra cleansing ritual at the end. Well structured, comfortable environment, great material, awesome Q&A, and super positive vibes. I will be attending more of her classes!

Nickole is a true healer. I'd tried just about everything - conventional medicine, naturopathic medicine, traditional medicines - to increase my flagging energy and cure my acne and nothing worked until I came to see Nickole. She identified the cause of my symptoms, recommended a variety of treatments (the massages are amazing!) and created a plan of action to get me to a place of good health. My acne is almost completely gone and I have lots of energy and enthusiasm for life, perhaps even more than ever before. Ayurveda really works, and Nickole knows it well.

You can't go wrong if you are going here for a massage. She is very good in what she's doing and makes extra efforts to make your massage and therapy a wonderful experience. I would love to go there again and again.

Lindsay is so great! I went in last week for a seaweed/steam/cellulite treatment and left feeling like a new woman! I can't wait to have the time to treat myself again. I definitely recommend you see her. A friend of mine had a wine grape treatment of some kind and could not recommend it enough! That's the next in my list for sure.

Thanks to NW Ayurveda - I woke up this morning feeling absoluetely refreshed, relaxed, and amazed at the mobility in my shoulders now. I had found NW Ayurveda on yelp and was interested by the offered sessions and practices done by Nickole. The space was beautiful and very relaxing. At all times, I felt taken care of and cared for during the session. And while I have had a 'strong' massages before, the skillset and techniques Nickole has - far surpasses the quality of any massage I have ever had. I would reccomend anyone to come here for an expert massage, high-level service, and wanting to indulge in pampering one's self. Not only that, but to be able to support local business is also a great bonus! Amazing work, thank you so much!

I never knew what Ayurveda was until I received a card from this wonderful woman. If I still lived in the area this would still be my exclusive place for treatment.

2 words - absolutely fabulous! I've seen Nickole for a year now and my health has improved in leaps and bounds. I cannot begin to tell you how much my life has improved by going to NW Ayurveda. I started with carpal tunnel pain so bad that some days I can do nothing but lay on my sofa from the pain; brushing my hair was hard and I could hardly sleep past 3 - 4hrs because of the pain. I had tried physio therapy, stretches, pain killers, and acupuncture with no lasting results nor did it provide immediate relief. And surgery was not something I wanted to entertain. Not to mention I used to suffer from horrid monthly migraines and sinus allergies and annual bronchitis that wiped me out for months on end. Now? With the series of massage therapy, yoga classes and Ayurvedic consultations and panchakarma at NW Ayurveda, I am happy to say I am pain free and can live my life normally!!! This year was the first year I didn't have bronchitis, no allergies and my migraines are gone. To top it off I have more energy, AND I'm losing weight with all the yoga and diet changes !!! Talk about a fabulous life changing comeback!!! :o) I haven't felt this good in a VERY long time! All I can say is NW Ayurveda is wonderful; Nickole is amazing, kind, caring, most encouraging and is always concerned about your health and well being. She definitely has changed and transformed my life. I really can't say enough - NW Ayurveda is definitely the place to recommend and go to. You won't regret it.

I feel so lucky to have Nickole, and her beautiful Ayurvedic practice, in my life, and even better, just a few minutes from my home. Nickole has a truly healing presence and touch - her massages are incredible; she seems to have an intuitive sense as to which perfectly tender pressure point spots to work out each time. Her expertise in Ayurvedic medicine is impressive, and taking the time to visit her for seasonal cleanses, regular massages, healing shirodhara, and her newest addition - weekly semi private yoga classes (I just did an unassisted headstand for the first time in over 10 years of practicing yoga thanks to her individual guidance!!) are without a doubt, essential tools in my preventative healthcare and general wellness arsenal! I wholeheartedly recommend Nickole and her Ayurvedic practice to anyone looking to attain a level of holistic balance and achieve optimum health - and who isn't looking for this?!

Was my birthday gift to myself..Nickole is great..will defintely go there again... i slept like a baby and my anxieties were reduced..just what i need right before a big test.

Wow - I really wasn't sure of what to expect with my first Ayurvedic treatment, but oh-my-word it was wonderful. I went in for the Day of Rejuvenation a while back and it absolutely lived up to its name. Each component is an amazing experience (a two-person massage? Fantastic!), I really truly did feel better in the days and weeks following. In fact, I already have another one booked for later this month. I have since been working with Nickole on integrating Ayurvedic practices into my diet and my life, and I am thrilled with the results. I haven't felt this good or healthy in years. I am not kidding. I highly recommend NW Ayurveda.

Simply amazing! I have enjoyed every experience over this past year and anyone not having been to NW Aryurveda is definitely missing out! Words that come to mind are: bliss, balancing, grounding, energizing, ever so relaxing and walking on clouds. YOU deserve the best Ayurvedic massage and I highly recommend you treating yourself to one soon!