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Ayurvedic Medicine / December 10, 2014

We are happy to announce that a new entry for the online Masters of Science in Maharishi AyurVeda and Integrative Medicine will occur this coming fall, 2017. This three-year online program is designed for those who want to become experts in natural, holistic health care, and, at the same time, unfold their inner potential through consciousness-based education.

The major focus of this online program is on the physiology, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders from the perspective of Maharishi AyurVeda. The curriculum is also “integrative” because it includes coursework in other natural systems as well as modern medical knowledge.

The study of Ayurveda, an ancient health practice from India, is prevention-oriented and time-tested. Maharishi’s revival of Ayurveda brings increased awareness to the underlying element connecting mind and body—consciousness.

Paul Morehead Dr. Paul Morehead, the primary instructor in the online MS program, says, “When you embark on this masters program, you will learn to assess balance and imbalance through pulse diagnosis. You will know how to assess the health of clients through an AyurVedic health history, observation, and other modalities. You will understand the mind/body connection most intimately, and will have the technologies and skills to greatly enhance this essential connection.”

Apply soon, Fall 2017 is right around the corner.

Program features:

  • Curriculum: The curriculum integrates modern understanding of disease and treatment with Maharishi
    AyurVedic knowledge and techniques.
  • Expanding Consciousness: The program enlivens the inner intelligence of the mind and body through daily practice of Transcendental Meditation.
  • Flexible Schedule: The three-year online program provides a flexible schedule for busy
    professionals to gain this knowledge and apply it in their practice.
  • Maharishi AyurVedic Practitioner: According to Dr. Paul Morehead, “To become a Maharishi AyurVedic
    Practitioner means to know how to prevent imbalance from occurring, how to restore balance when imbalance arises, and how to inspire your clients to live in tune with their own nature.”