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Alternative Medicine Schools in California

Ayurvedic Medicine / July 17, 2016

Alternative Medicine graduate programs are ideal for students who are interested in healthcare that is not part of ...

mainstream medical practices. Alternative or complementary medicine practitioners use treatments such as Chinese and herbal medicine, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other practices to help alleviate patient pain and other symptoms. If you are interested in providing patients a potential alternative to traditional treatments and harsh drugs, you may want to learn more about this fascinating, and in some cases ancient, field of study. Alternative medicine programs may be a good place to start your exploration.

Naturopathic Grad Schools

If you are considering degrees in alternative medicine, it’s a good idea to determine what area of this broad field you wish to focus on. Some alternative medicine schools may offer programs in acupuncture, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, osteopathic medicine, and more. Take the time to learn about each of these concentrations to find out what interests you.

Alternative Medicine Degree Types

Also consider degree level. Current medical practitioners may want to consider a graduate certificate that could enhance their knowledge of a particular area of alternative medicine. If you are entering this field for the first time, you might consider a Master’s Degree in Alternative Medicine or a Doctorate Program in Alternative Medicine from accredited naturopathic schools or alternative medicine colleges. Or you can search online alternative medicine programs. Finally, decide whether you want to pursue a traditional degree, take your courses online, or give hybrid learning a try. The choice is yours!