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Scope of Ayurveda in Canada

Ayurveda Training / April 25, 2013

Ayurveda Practitioners are registered with EBNMP™ Canada Association under three levels, according to their hours of training and proficiency. DNM® members are able to open independent practices while RNP®, RLMP® and RNMP® members must have additional Municipal licensing according to the City / Town of residence.

  • Level I Practitioners: Registered Lifestyle Management Practitioner® (RLMP®) - 1500hrs of training
  • Level I Practitioners: Registered Nutritional Medicine Practitioner® (RNMP®) - 1500hrs of training
  • Level II Practitioners: Registered Naturotherapy Practitioners® (RNP®) - 2500hrs of training
  • Level III Practitioners: DNM® - 3000hrs of training

Lifestyle education and stress management techniques designed to promote positive lifestyle and behavior changes.

  • Coaching on holistic life skills
  • Implementation of structured action-oriented programs for stress management, designed to reduce health risks and promote healthy behaviors

Evaluation of nutritional status and recommendation of dietary advice and nutritional supplements to promote and maintain health and wellness.

  • Nutrition
  • Botanical and Herbal Remedies

The promotion of health and wellness by a multidisciplinary group of practitioners who utilize complementary therapies that make use of natural healing agents in the treatment of health conditions.

  • Metaphysics to include Nutrition therapy and Eastern Meditative Arts
  • Physical Therapy to include Rehabilitative Exercise and Applied Kinesiology

The assessment and treatment of emotional, mental and physical disorders using non-invasive modalities to promote and restore health and wellness. Please Note: Materia Medica, Minor Surgery and Christian Science is not included.

  • Eastern Medicine: comprises Ayurveda and Indian Systems of Healing. Ayurveda treatment is based on a constitutional model and utilizes proprietary medicine, provides guidance regarding dietary and lifestyle management, rehabilitative exercises and procedures.
  • Energy Medicine & Healing: the study and use of subtle energies. Energy Medicine includes Biofield Healing. Energy Healing includes Metaphysics.
  • Nutritional, Botanical & Lifestyle Medicine: The use of specific diets and nutritional supplementation to prevent disease or re-establish and harmonize body chemistry. Botanical and Herbal Remedies are used for their balancing and nutritional value. Through nutritional counseling, clients are educated and supported about environmental factors that affect their health.
  • Physical Medicine: Therapeutic mobilization of soft tissue and Rehabilitative exercises. Physical coaching practices are also utilized including Kinesiology, Nadi Vigyan and other types of physical education therapies.

Source: www.ebnmp.com