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Coconut oil Ayurveda

Ayurveda Training / June 29, 2012

Best Coconut Oil Ever (0)

I can give this product ten stars. Organic, cold pressed and its a miracle in a bottle. I have short hair so one bottle lasted me over 10 months and I used it mostly as a face oil or massage oil. Tried it once as a hair oil and I was soo impressed. Brilliant product.

The best coconut oil (0)

this coconut oil is multipurpose user..when applied on hair it makes hair straight and shiny.. at night i apply a few drops of this oil on my face and it makes my skin baby soft and supple

The best organic coconut oil (0)

this oil really made my hair soft and shiny.. hair feels like i have done a hair spa


I got a small sample bottle as free gift from kama with bringadi...As I was very impressed with bringadi I didn't open it...Then after using 3 big bottles of bringadi one day when I was short of bringadi I opened the sample bottle of this extra vargin coconut oil...OH MY GOD!!! This is a miracle...My hair never felt this smooth...Smell so nice and makes my hair so soft like I hv had a hair spa...Just love it..I was so impressed with result coz I thought it would be just like another coconut oil available in the market...But it's not...It's different.
I just hope kama never compromise on the quality of their products...thanks and all the best to kama Ayurveda...Long way to go.

Thank you for this (0)

I suffered from severe acne, which obviously left stubborn marks and red swollen cheeks. Its been 2 months that I have been using this product and would want to recommend it to each every man or woman who suffers from acne prone sensitive skin. Great Job Kama Ayurveda.

Try this it's the best for skin and hair. (0)

This product is fantastic. You can smell the purity once you open the packaging. I use it on both my hair and skin. It makes my hair soft and bouncy and my skin dewy and glowing. It's adds the soft supple moisturised effect to my skin. It's amazing and definitely worth a try.

excellent make-up remover (0)

An excellent make-up remover! It’s better than any makeup remover and the best part is, it's chemical free!

100% organic oil (0)

I used it as a hair conditioner as I have dry and damaged hair. It was just perfect! Made my hair soft and shiny.

A natural, chemical-free solution for my dry and lacklustre skin (0)