Ayurveda, Siddha or Allopathy โ€“ What to Choose When

Can allopathy and Ayurveda be Taken together?

Ayurveda Training / September 27, 2012

Just a general comment - Ayurveda, centers on the concept of helping the body, mind and spirit be healthy, with the idea that if a person is happy and their key connections with the universe in good shape then as an organism they will be highly resistant to any form of condition or disease.

Authentic ayurveda is about facilitating constructive narrative between you, your body and the rest of creation. You can't overdo the quality of a cultural and nurturing narrative and we have never seen anyone overdo a correctly formulated ayurvedic regime

Allopathic medicine works best, in my opinion, when that narrative has broken down to the point of requiring head on intervention. It's like police or military inter vention - sometimes required but not really sustainable as a lifestyle. Allopathic medicine / treatment provides a window of time to make necessary changes in lifestyle, diet and relationships . The general pattern we have observed is that constant "policing" messes up culture, and at a medical level, not dealing with the underlying issues often brings about immunity to the medicine or treatment.

We have found lots of success with cooperation between Ayurveda and allopathy by practitioners working together to reduce dependancy on Allopathic treatment with a gradual, educational approach.

Source: www.quora.com