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Basti Treatment in Ayurveda

Treatment / September 14, 2014

Musculoskeletal Treatments for sciatica, lower and upper back pain, tightness, RSI, knee and elbow problems and restricted movement of the neck, back and shoulder area. A dam made of dough is placed over the affected area and filled with warm medicated oil. This helps to soften, repair and nourish aching tight muscles. After the oil is removed the therapist will perform a back massage followed by a herbal steam to help deepen the effect of the treatment. Kati Basti is deep tissue therapy using heat to heal and oils to repair the tissue. Heat increases blood flow, the increase in blood flow can reduce swelling, assist with pain relief and soften ligaments, tendons and muscles. This in turn allows joints, tendons and ligaments to be stretched further where there is little movement.

Kati Basti and its unique features:

  • Non intrusive and passive treatment
  • Restores the alignment of the spine
  • Pain free deep tissue therapy
  • Medicated oil helps to reduce toxins accumulating in the muscle tissue
  • Medicated oil acts as a anti-inflammatory, antispasmoic and anti pain
  • Medicated oil helps restore the cellular memory of the muscle tissue
  • The specific temperature of the oil adds to the overall impact
  • The increase in blood flow to the area aids in the healing process
  • Strengthens the extremities of the body
  • Completely distresses the body

How often should you have Kati Basti?

Depends on the individual for acute cases 1 or 2 visits will give you the relief you need with long term results, for more chronic cases a program is recommended which would include treatments weekly to every 10 days depending on the individual.

Our Yoga therapy sessions are highly recommended to assist with the healing process and for improved long term results.

After treatment care

  • Try to avoid heavy lifting and excessive exercise for 24 hours
  • Follow therapist home recommendations
  • Leave the oil on for at least 1 hour

This treatment involves the use of oil, we recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting oil on until you can shower.