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Spa / September 29, 2017

In response to the increasing number of requests we receive each year from Spas who wish to learn authentic Ayurvedic Spa techniques, we have created an Ayurvedic Spa Training Program.

This program is designed to train therapists already proficient in Western massage and spa techniques the methods of Ayurvedic Spa therapies. This training allows Spa owners who desire top rate Ayurvedic services to avoid having to hire or going into unnecessary joint ventures with a so-called "Ayurvedic consultant"or "Ayurvedic practitioner". These designations not only are vague disguises for the lack of true credentials and knowledge, but are legally unrecognized anywhere in the world. Your existing staff can be professionally trained.

All trainings are conducted personally by Scott Gerson, M.D., Ph.D. (Ayurveda), M. Phil. (Ayurveda). He will conduct training at a maximum of two facilities per year.

Dr. Gerson completed his post-doctorate research in Ayurvedic massage and detoxification techniques at Pune University and Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya. He is widely considered one of the world’sauthorities in this field. He is uniquely qualified to teach these Ayurvedic methods. Please see the appropriate web page for his complete resume.

There are a myriad of absolutely delicious, rejuvenating, and transformative Ayurvedic spa techniques which have been developed especially in the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala as well as in the far north in Himachal Pradesh.

At the present time we are offering comprehensive training in six Ayurvedic Spa techniques. Each technique requires a full two days of training which includes both:

  1. theoretical knowledge and
  2. practical hands-on training

Training for any of the Ayurvedic Spa techniques must include the following module on the basic ayurvedic concepts.

Compulsory Training in Basic Ayurvedic Concepts (2 hours)

  • Introduction to Ayurveda – Definition, Origin, Purpose
  • Five elements and three doshas
  • Understanding constitutional types (prakriti)
  • Factors that balance and disturb the doshas
  • The four types of Ayurvedic treatments
  • Understanding the constitutional types of your friends, family, and clients

Although most spa therapies have a calming and revitalizing effect, Ayurvedic Spa techniques have been uniquely developed from a sophisticated medical and energetic framework which genuinely restores balance and fosters tranquility, clarity and vitality of the mind and body.

The following pages provide an outline of the curriculum for each spa technique. It is very important that your therapists understand the basic concepts of Ayurvedaand can describe these treatments to their clients in both modern and Ayurvedic terms.This training will provide the knowledge and vocabulary to do just that.

  • Abhyanga (Full Body Ayurvedic Massage)
  • Shirodhara ("Third-eye Drip")
  • Soundaryam Vardhini (Ayurvedic Facial)
  • Shirovasti (Head Bath)
  • Pinda Sweda + Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Full Body Massage)
  • Lepana (Herbalized Mud Treatment)

Abhyanga (Full Body Ayurvedic Massage)

This is among the most rare and special types of Ayurvedic oil massage and will probably be the “signature” treatment at your spa. The treatment is given by two therapists who synchronize their strokes and massage according to the circulatory channels and marma points for 60 minutes. Oils are chosen according to one’s body type. Can also be given by a single therapist. This treatment is traditionally useful for obesity, detoxification, loss of skin lustre, sleeplessness, fatigue, anxiety, eczema, and nervousness.

Suggested Retail Pricing:

  • 55 min. two therapists $175 COS (cost of service): $3
  • 55 min. one therapist $95


  • Five Element Theory of Ayurveda
  • Brief Review of the Three Doshas
  • Touch and the Seven Chakras
  • Definition of marma points and their effects of the human physiology
  • Comprehensive List and Diagram of the 107 human marma points.

Urdhwa Shakha (Upper Extremities) = 22Adho Shakha (Lower Extremities) = 22Thorax = 6 Abdomen = 6 Back = 14Urdhwa Jatru (Head and Neck)= 37

  • The seventeen major marma points used in Abhyanga massage
  • Specific effects of abhyanga massage on the doshas (vital energies), dhatus (tissues), and srotas (channels)
  • Relation of Abhyanga to Panchakarma therapies


  1. How to Properly position the client
  2. Proper Draping Technique
  3. Palpation and stimulation of the Marma Points
  4. Abhyanga Massage stroke technique
  5. Selecting the proper Ayurvedic Massage Oil (by season or by prakriti)
  6. Specific Massage Technique of:
    • head, scalp, ears, and face
    • neck, shoulders
    • chest and abdomen
    • arms and hands
    • legs and feet
    • back and buttocks
    • spine and joints
  7. Removal of excess oil (Utane flower petal powder)
  8. Ending the Technique: Resting in a warm wrap
  9. Preparation of Ayurvedic Chai (tea)

All procedures include the use of individualized oils, marma points, abhyanga strokes and perfectly synchronized stroke techniques when performing the two-person massage. Emphasis is on very thorough massage major marma points using the proper traditional techniques.

Shirodhara ("Third-eye Drip")

" Shiro" means head and "dhara" is the continuous flow of a liquid. In this process, different herbal oils, medicated milks, medicated buttermilk etc., are poured over the forehead in a continuous gentle drip from a special vessel for about 30 minutes. This treatment is profoundly relaxing and is used traditionally for insomnia, memory loss, hormonal imbalance, headaches, mental tension and certain skin diseases. Although listed independently, shirodhara is always done in conjunction with full body massage.

Suggested Retail Pricing :

30 min. one therapist: $65 COS (cost of service): $ 3

Shirodhara (Third-eye Drip)

  1. The four types of brain waves and their relation to shirodhara
  2. Anatomy and physiology of the Pituitary Gland
  3. What is Shirodhara?
  4. Marma points of the head region
  5. Absolute and relative contraindications to shirodhara
  1. Proper positioning and preparation of the client
  2. Thorough examination of the Shirodhara equipment
  3. Shirodhara herbalized oil preparation based on Vata, Pitta, or Kapha body type
  4. Oil temperature regulation
  5. Determination of proper height of Shirodhara vessel based on body type
  6. Rhythmic movements of the shirodhara vessel
  7. Most common errors in performing shirodhara
  8. Ending the treatment

Soundaryam Vardhini (Ayurvedic Facial)

A distinctive and authentic method of facial massage and detoxification which utilizes freshly prepared fruit- and vegetable-based herbalized creams, astringents, and ointments individualized according to body type. The massage component focuses on the marma points of the face, neck, and shoulders which re-invigorates the tissues, tones, and refreshes the senses. This treatment combines beautifully with our Abhyanga Full Body Massage.

55 min. one therapist $75 COS (cost of service): $5

  1. The Structure of the Skin
  2. Marma points of the head, face and neck regions
  3. Lymphatic drainage of the head, face and neck regions
  4. Ayurvedic five-senses therapies
  1. Ayurvedic formulas which combine foods and herbs to create creams and astringents
  2. The Three-Phase Soundaryam Vardhini Technique: The Traditional Ayurvedic Facial
  3. SOFTENING - quickly warms, calms, and expands the skin, capillaries, and soft tissues of the face, neck, and shoulders.
  4. NOURISHING – specific marma points and strokes are used along with specific herbalized creams to nourish and revitalize the tissues.
  5. TONIFYING - gently stimulating sequence using lotions and astringents to refresh the body and clear the mind so the client can leave relaxed but alert.
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