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Ayurveda Training / March 14, 2016

Ayurveda places a great emphasis on massage as being essential to health and beauty. Everyone is advised to adopt massage as a fundamental part of their daily routine. Just as we eat and sleep every day we should do a daily massage.

Facial massage is one of the most important elements of facial rejuvenation. A facial massage is like ironing with your fingers. Using repetitive finger movements along each wrinkle and underlying facial muscles, tension can be relieved in the muscles of the face, neck, and scalp. This action smoothes lines, increases elasticity, and brings sheen back into the skin.

Facial rejuvenation works on the structure of the skin, eases restrictions, and lifts up the face. The skin is made up of connective tissue that is formed from protein fibers of collagen and elastin. These fibers weave together to form a flexible web-like structure.

In younger tissue, the fiber slides past each other freely, giving suppleness and flexibility. Over time, toxic by-products build up in the skin, causing the fibers to lock together. The skin loses its mobility. Facial rejuvenation helps release the tissues and allows the connective tissue to regain its freedom and elasticity.

Natural facelift massage proves that cosmetic surgery isn’t necessary to look younger. Visiting a qualified massage therapist or professional esthetician regularly can help reverse aging. There won’t be a scar, snip, or tuck. Wrinkles and expression lines will be reduced and give a more vibrant and youthful appearance. The facial skin will become softer. Complexion and skin tone will be improved. Bagging, sagging, and puffiness will be reduced and the elasticity will return to your face. Everyone will notice the difference.

An added benefit to Ayurvedic facial massage is relaxation. Tension is released from facial muscles and adjacent tissues and as a result, your face will feel more mobile. Your mental attitude will be positive. Headaches may disappear. Tension may melt away. There will be an improvement in the body’s energy flow and you will be left with a sense of general well-being. The end result will be confidence and joy.

Home Ayurvedic Facial Massage (Face Lift)

You can do your own home facial massage and face-lift by applying gentle pressure from chin to the forehead. Here’s how to do it.

Put your two index fingers together, and your two thumbs. Place the index fingers between your lower lip and chin, and two thumbs just under the chin. Then pressing lightly with your index fingers, sweep along the jawbone, with your thumb underneath. When you reach the ears, move your fingers upwards in front of them, letting the thumb trail. Keep moving upwards until your thumbs are just behind the temple area, above the ear. When you reach this point press lightly, with lifting motion, about 30 seconds. This routine will stimulate the nerves that control the facial muscles, and improve the tone of those muscles and help remove wrinkles from the facial skin. Repeat this seven times, once per day.

Source: spiritualityhealth.com