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Ayurveda Training / June 3, 2016

Ayurveda, the ‘Science of Life’, is a holistic system of natural medicine that is first described around 3, 500 BC in the Vedic texts of ancient India. It promotes living an existence that is balanced and in harmony with all aspects of life - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Enjoy a relaxing Ayurveda treatment with one of our Ayurvedic therapy specialists.

Royal Ayurvedic Traditional Massage

Warm oil is generously poured over your whole body, followed by a combination of rubbing, tapping, pinching and kneading techniques to increase circulation, leaving the body feeling rejuvenated and tension free.

Marma Point Massage

Working on 107 energy points throughout your body to release toxins and relieve tension, a Marma Point Massage will leave you in a state of complete harmony and bliss.


Shirodhara therapy works through to the deepest levels of one's being. 'Shiro' translates from Sanskrit as head, and 'dhara, ' as flow. A stream of warm, medicated oil is poured continuously on the forehead, which helps to connect and energize the various channels (nada's) that sustain our life, from the circulation of fluids on the physical level to the subtle currents running through the meridians, chakras and auras. Using technical skill and intuition, this specialized treatment helps to improve blood supply, thereby increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen, relieving tension, and promoting a clear pathway for nerve impulses to balance the nervous system and restore vitality. Shirodhara is recommended for sinus congestion, insomnia, and for clarity of mind.

Kati Vasti

Kati refers to the lower back in Sanskrit. This treatment focuses specifically on treating discomfort relating to the back, such as chronic tension, a prolapsed disk or sciatica. Kati Vasti also benefits hypertension, cardiac related conditions and fertility. Psychological imbalances relating to fear, shock and the feeling of lack of support in life correlate to this area of the body in Traditional Chinese Medicine. A medicinal paste is applied in a ring around the afflicted area, and warm Ayurvedic oil is poured in its centre. The oil is kept within the ring for 30 minutes. This application is followed by back massage and steam with hot towels for a deeply nourishing and supportive experience.