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Ayurveda Packages in Kerala

Ayurveda Training / January 8, 2014

Slimming PackageThe cells and tissue of the body change over the years. It is therefore necessary to refresh and rejuvenate the body’s systems in order to preserve the balance between body, mind and soul.

Rejuvenation Package

The course of rejuvenation includes synchronised body massages, performed by two therapists with medicinal oil and cream, plus Sirodhara, medicinal steam baths and oral medicine. Rejuvenating face masks are also part of this package. This treatment is taken daily for 90-120 minutes for a period of 7-14 days.

Beauty Care Package




The Ayurvedic weight reduction programme encompasses herbal powder massage and treatment with various medicinal herbal oils.

Slimming Package

Massages are given for 28 days. This programme also includes medicated steam baths and the oral intake of herbal juices and infusions. The goal is to achieve long-term weight loss by changing the metabolism.

A special Ayurvedic diet plan is recommended during treatment.


This is a programme for the beauty-conscious. The treatments consist of herbal face packs, herbal oil massages, herbal teas and steam baths.

Rejuvenation Package Body Purification Package Body Immunisation Package Stress Management Package