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Ayurveda Training / March 21, 2017

46500 Fremont Blvd
Ste 702
Fremont, CA 94538
(888) 275-9103

I live in the Bay Area. 10 years ago, I had a serious physical ailment. No western doctors were able to diagnose what was going on with me. Finally, I underwent an Ayurveda detox program that saved my life. Not only did Ayurveda heal my body and mind, it also re-kindled the spiritual fire in me and I began to practice Yoga and meditation regularly. Since then, I have been doing a Panchakarma (detox+rejuvenation) program once or even twice a year. Think about it as your Spring Cleaning for your body, mind and soul. After each treatment, you will feel like a new man/woman: you will be energitically-recharged, more grounded, and ready to take on whatever life throws at you. In the past, I used to travel to India to do Panchakarma. Luckily, in 2013, I discovered Kerala Ayurveda Academy in Fremont, which is closer to where I live. For the past three years I have been doing my Panchakarma there. Dr. Jay is a very kind, super-knowledgeable, and highly intuitive physician: he can identify my physical/emotional issues just by looking at me and prescribe an effective treatment within 5 minutes of examining me. I was lucky to receive treatments from two highly-competent and intuitive therapists: Alka Mulakaluri and Izumi Hirayama: I just enjoy surrendering to their "healing hands". If you live in the Bay Area, I highly recommend you to come to this clinic for a regular checkup and if you really care about your health you should do a Panchakarma here at least once a year: it's a great investment in your long-term well-being. People say I look 10 years younger than my age: I attribute that to Ayurveda and my annual Panchakarma rejuvenation program at this Clinic.

This place of healing just keeps getting better. Now they have added daily yoga classes. Their yoga instructors are amazing and so knowledgeable. Everyone should check them out.

Dr. Senter is a very attentive physician. I am impressed at how insightful, and organized she is in assessments during my annual physical, all the while maintaining an upbeat, enthusiastic attitude. Excellent listening skills. I would say she has been raised in a healthy family and has a very balanced life herself. In this sense she is a living example of "practicing what she preaches." She is able to make a genuine human connection with me, an easily overlooked but vital skill in holistic medicine. My wife is also a patient of Cynthia's and is as grateful as I for her services.

Based on my appts with Cynthia Senter, ND, who is a part of the Kerala network, I give Kerala 4-stars. (Dr Senter gets 5-stars, but doesn't have her own page) My experience with Kerala was positive. Good facilities, the front desk reception is helpful, they bill insurance for you, free parking in back and a convenient location. I look forward to getting to know Kerala better.

If you want to take excellent care of yourself this is the one-stop shop. The very talented Teri Adolpho has been my acupuncturist for many years and solved, cured, helped many maladies. She keeps my forces running strong and clear. But that's not all they offer at this find clinic by a long shot. Massages, special oil treatments, naturopathic care and more. Lovely calm facility, superb front desk, free parking, excellent caregivers.

Had some "miscommunication" regarding billing and I now have a huge bill. This would be fine if I actually felt better (not worse) than I did when beginning my services there. I went in for shoulder pain and was treated for it and lower back pain (which I didn't have at the time). Now my lower back hurts so bad that I can't even tell how my shoulders are doing cause I'm in so much pain. It's been months and it just keeps getting worse but now I can't afford to go see someone else cause I have to work on paying if this bill and Kerala maxed out my office visits covered by my insurance...

After having severe stomach pains and complications for 30+ years I went to this facility. In one visit I was feeling so much better! Amazing knowledge, fabulous service, and relazing atmosphere. A must try for ANY ailment.

LOVE! Dr. Center, Teri Adolfo, have changed my life and been so supportive (above and beyond) of my healing. I feel loved and taken care of here, and would refer anyone.

I have not had a great experience here, and I gave it about 10 trys! Usually I just never come back after one bad experience. I was coming here for massage for a period of 6 months. During that time on 3 occasions my massage therapist wasn't there because somehow she didn't know she had an appointment (which I had scheduled in advance with the front desk), the customer service in general was really hit or miss, the place is loud from street traffic and dingy, and they sent me a bill for $115 for ONE massage when my insurance didn't pay it (because they submitted it wrong)!! Seriously. Not cool.

I am writing to recommend taking yoga classes with Patricia McKinnon offered through Kerala Ayurveda. Patricia teaches yoga with a lot of heart and soul. She is great at helping you build a strong foundation of the fundamental basic postures in a supportive way while encouraging you to challenge yourself in the process. I was given a very high level of individual attention. I've been able to expand on my yoga practice with confidence given the foundation Patricia provided for me. I highly recommend her yoga classes. It's a great way to begin especially if you've never tried yoga before. I also had a lot of relief from a chronic back problem I was having at the time. She gave me lots of great ideas for helping my back.