What is Ayurveda? Lessons From A 5, Year-Old Health-Care

Ayurveda Lessons

Ayurveda Training / August 10, 2016

ayurveda healing woman

While Ayurveda has widely been restricted to the very elite or reduced to simply being about (an Ayurvedic concept that roughly translates as fundamental constituents of the body), there is a lot more to Ayurveda than may initially meet the modern eye.

Deriving from the root Sanskrit words “Ayush, ” meaning “life, ” and “Veda, ” meaning “knowledge or study of, ” Ayurveda is a full system of healing that literally means “the knowledge or study of life.”

Yes, it is really that expansive.

Ayurveda touches upon each and every aspect of how to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life, from how to best, to what kind of daily and seasonal routines to adopt, to relationship guidance—it even provides insights on how to attain spiritual enlightenment!

Understanding, living by, and now teaching Ayurveda has made me appreciate its depth and profundity in more ways than words can express. These five lessons from this great science have been particularly life-changing for me, and I am thus happy to share them with you.

1. Dig deep.

What differentiates Ayurveda from many of the conventional medicine modalities is that it teaches us to dig deep to determine the root causes (called hetus) of why we manifest certain diseases in the first place. I was recently very saddened to listen to a client of mine describe how she was sent to various eating disorder centers as a teenager due to what was really a digestive disturbance, which caused her to lose a lot of weight. She witnessed many young girls with eating disorders hanging themselves out of deep mental despair, which was very traumatic—and actually unnecessary. She didn’t have to go to the eating disorders clinics, and those young girls did not have to hang themselves.

Source: www.elephantjournal.com