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Sinusitis Home Remedies Ayurveda

Ayurveda Training / April 29, 2017

In a country like India where people commonly suffer from pollution related illnesses like Sinusitis, it can be quite pervasive and troublesome. Affecting different parts of the face, the sinus can be classified as frontal sinus, maxillary sinus and sphenoid sinus. Sinuses drain into the nose through a small tube the size of a ball-point pen refill and tend to get blocked very easily. When blocked, fluid accumulates in the sinus and causes sinusitis or the inflammation of the mucousal layer lining the sinuses.

The function of sinus is to remove dirt particles, pollen, smoke, and other suspended particles. A person started feeling pain when these sinuses are infected leading to swelling and congestion within the spaces. In some cases, this infection spreads to the ears, throat and lungs.

If you suffer from sinusitis, here is how you can differentiate between the different types:

The frontal sinus starts above the eyebrows and when infected the pain radiates to the top or back of the head. In the case of an infection in the maxillary sinus, you will feel pain in and around the cheeks or teeth. And finally in the case of a sphenoid sinus infection, you will experience pain behind the eyes.

Complications of sinusitis

Sinusitis can cause eye problems such as pain, swelling, puffiness, redness in the eye, dark circles and it can also leads to poor vision. Besides, astigmatism and squinting can also occur as affected person repeatedly press and rub their eyes. According to Ayurvedic texts chronic sinusitis can also develop into Glaucoma. Other side effects of sinusitis are toothache, halitosis (foul breath), tonsillitis and adenoids, ear infections, meningitis, lung infections and indigestion. Sinusitis is often caused due to a common cold, but it could also be due to a bacterial infection, allergies or fungal infection. If the sinusitis is persistent it can also lead to serious infections and complications that may make the person feel breathless.

Ayurvedic remedies for sinusitis

Remedy 1: Steam inhalation taken five to six times a day with holy basil (Tulsi) can be very effective in curing sinusitis. In case of acute sinus pain, steam may be required for seven to ten days and in chronic sinusitis pain it may continue for two years. Doing Pranayam (yogic breathing) in the form of Kapal Bhaati (forced exhalation) can help to drain out pollutants from the sinuses.

Remedy 2: One should practice ‘kunjar’, ‘jalneti’ ‘rubberneti’ and ‘ghritneti’ after waking up at 4:30 am and relieving oneself. Thereafter, at around six in the morning a person should massage their abdomen, face and spinal cord and then have a foot bath and sponge bath using water water infused with neem leaves. At eight am, you should have some lemon juice with honey or orange juice in half a glass of warm water. At eleven in the morning aperson should have lemon juice, honey, orange or some seasonal fruits. In the afternoon at 2 pm, take water, honey, soup or fruit juice. Keep covering your face and neck after taking hot steam. At 6 pm take seasonal fruits like pomegranate, orange, sweet orange, papaya, apple, pear or others.

Remedy 3: Avoid having milk, sugar, coffee, white flour, fried or oily products made of gram flour, refined fast food, carbonated soft drinks and other such drinks, biscuits, bread, meat, liquor, cigarette, toffee and chocolates.Improvement in diet regime is the permanent treatment of the disease.

Remedy 4: In the beginning of the problem, one should have lemon juice with water for three days or fast, having water only. Then, for next five days keep a strict watch on your diet, eliminating the above mentioned foods. After a week, increase the amount you eat, including foods like roti during lunch and dinner along with vegetables, salad, curd and sprouted cereals. After recovery, the patient should regularly have a vapour bath in the morning. Afterwards, cold waist bath and spinal cord bath is also suggested, which increases one’s immunity.

Remedy 5: A good remedy is to have ginger with honey. All you need to do is mix ginger powder with jaggery and make tablets weighing 5 grams (approx.). Have these tablets twice a day. Alternatively, you could have a concoction made with 11 leaves of basil (tulsi), black pepper 11 in number, sugar candy 20 grams, ginger 2 grams and one glass full of water. Boil all the ingredients till it is reduced to half, strain it and have it while it is still warm. Don’t take bath for around one-and-a-half hour after having this medicine and make sure you rest for a while. Continue these activities for five days and you should get imminent relief.

Remedy 6: One should perform, morning walk and meditation for 15 minutes, which helps in increasing the immunity. These are some simple steps to avoid and overcome sinusitis.

Tips for patients
• Should perform yoga every day.
• Sinusitis can be cured through steam inhalation of basil leaves.
• Inhalation should be done six times a day.
• Do Pranayam (yogic breathing) in the form of Kapal Bharathi (forced exhalation).
• In chronic sinus pain the steam may need to be continued for 2 years.

Acharya Balakrishna, is an exponent of Ayurveda and a renowned botanist. He is also the co-founder of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Haridwar.

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