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Ayurvedic Marma Massage

Massage / November 30, 2016

In Ayurveda massage is highly praised and recommended as a daily practice. As people follow the daily practice of eating and sleeping, so should they receive massage and discharge waste materials.

Ayurveda believes that aches and pains are caused by obstruction of the flow of vayu (wind) through vayu carrying vessels or siras. Rubbing which makes the bodily airs expand and move generates heat. Circulation of vayu in the siras removes tension and reduces pain. Massage also promotes a deeper and more natural breathing pattern.

Regular massage relaxes the muscles, nerves, bones and the whole body. It aids the digestive system by maintaining the proper balance and circulation of the body gases. It induces deep sleep, increases the appetite and generally makes life more joyful.

In therapeutic massage the type of massage administered and the oil used depend on the condition present. According to Vagbhata, the author of the famous treatise on Ayurveda called the ‘Ashtanga Hridayam’ those who wish to have health and happiness should massage the body and use oils according to the season. Fragrant and health giving organic oils are best.

According to another key scripture on Ayurveda, the Susruta Samhita, oil, ghee or other lubricants depending on the body type the atmosphere and the season should be used for massage. For those suffering from wind (vata) disorder massage is the only remedy. Generally, massage of especially tense areas should not be done without proper lubricant. Areas that are painful should be massaged until some relief is obtained.

In Ayurveda, massage is described as Jarahar, the removal of old age because it provides nourishment to the seven tissue of the body.

1. Rasa (Plasma).

2. Rakta (Blood).

3. Mamsa (Muscle).

4. Medas (Fat)

5. Asthi (Bone).

6. Majja (Marrow).

7. Shukra (Semen).

2. Removes fatigue (Shram Har).

Physical or mental strain or both cause fatigue. It can also come from overworking a particular muscle or muscle group. Or doing work one does not normally do. The massage prescribed depends on the type of fatigue present.

3. Removes excess wind (Vata Har).

4. Improves eyesight (Dristhi Prasad Kar).

5. Strengthens the body (Pusthi Kar).

Rubbing with massage oil and pressing with or without oil is beneficial for the body. It increases circulation and movement of the vital life fluids while at the same time helping to enhance and circulate pranic energy. By kneading and pressing the muscles, accumulated toxins are encouraged to leave the body. In exchange the cells fill with nutrient material and prana. The body and the immune system become strong and stamina and vitality increase.