An American s First Ayurveda Treatment at Arth

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Treatment / February 7, 2016

Transformers' actor says the treatment helps eliminate stress

Hollywood actress Isabel Lucas has been visiting Hariharapura, a village near Shringeri of Chikmagalur district since seven years for Ayurveda treatment. She has been here three times in the period and says she is very happy with the Panchakarma treatment at Arogya Nikethana Ayurveda Ashrama of Dr Ashwin Shastri.

The 32-year-old Australian actress has acted in several popular films like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Daybreakers and The Waiting City. The actress has also featured in TV shows like Home and Away and Emerald City.

The Hollywood beauty learnt of the Ayurvedic treatment from her friend Julia Stone, the pop singer had visited India for the treatment. Thus this was Isabel’s third visit to the place and she has been here over past week.

Speaking to Bangalore Mirror Isabel Lucas said, “This place is really good. The treatment has such integrity that I always feel much better whenever I visit here. This is truly magical. I can say that the treatment at this centre has not changed over time.”

The uniqueness of the treatment she says is that one need not be sick but anyone can experience it. “The treatment is for all. Whenever I feel stressed out and tired because of the work I do, I come here and get refreshed. The entire atmosphere is cool. I feel much better to be here, ” she said. Speaking about her experience with temples and nearby locations she said, “It’s a very fascinating experience to see thousands of devotees coming to Shringeri temple. I too have been there. It was magical.

Also, I visited Koppa and other places here. One of my films was shot in Kolkatta, which was my first visit to India. Later, this is the place I visited in India. Time permitted, I would like to visit other places too.”

Of her upcoming projects she said, “Well, I am going to shoot for the film called Chasing Comet next, and in the month of May, I will shoot for another film, Outsider’s Child. Apart from it, I feature in the TV show, Emerald City, which is directed by an Indian.”

While here she has been enjoying spicy Indian food, she said. “Amma (Dr Ashwin Shastry’s mother) and Shridhar cook so well. It is purely vegetarian. I love the food here, ” she said.

Speaking about Hugh Jackman, the Logan actor who also hails from Australia, she said, “He is a nice actor. He is very humble too. Of Bollywood films, she said, “I love the films. I have seen many but I don’t remember their names right now.”